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Beitrag  Collsub am 21.10.07 12:37

Songtext: Monrose - Golden
Aus dem Album: Strictly Physical (2007)

When it feels like the world's not on my side
Finding it hard to see the light
When there's nothing but grey clouds in the sky
I know one day things will turn out right

Some dreams are worth chasing
Though hearts can get broken
If it's only for a minute you hold them
Some moments are golden

Doesn't matter how long it's gonna take
How many mountains I must climb
Not counting the wrong turns that I take
I'm gonna get there some how some time


And this is something that I thought could never happen to me
The best is yet to come I promise baby just wait and see
The world is ours if we believe
If we believe

Chorus (2x)

Some moment they are golden (3x)

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